To purchase WRITE START 101 , in whole or in PARTS,
including free membership to the exclusive WRITE START 101 Facebook Group,
featuring helpful tips, interactive discussion, and LIVE events with the author.

Or for the more skeptical…

So You Want To Be A Writer…

You’ve got a story in you, and you know, if you just had the chance, you could turn it into one helluva book!

But where do I start???

What about the scammers?

How do I find a publisher?

How long should my book be?

What kind of computer should I get?

I don’t have the time…

You could write a book about the list of obstacles.

Oh, wait. Someone just did.

Enter WRITE START 101.

A workbook for beginning writers that answers all of the questions that just keep getting in the way.

Yes, there are a million books out there on ‘how to write.’

But this one is the one to start with.

Alex Brown, a writer and publisher with over ten years experience in helping writers take their first steps, shares advice and answers to the most common questions new writers ask. WRITE START 101 is a collection of the best advice she has to give.

Hold on, I want to know what I’m getting….

With WRITE START 101, there are several purchase options so that you can decide what help you need. The whole workbook, or just the PARTS you want.

Download the PART you want to be available to you right away. Choose 1, 2, 3, or all 4. Each PART is chocked full of invaluable information that new writers need to know. Info that often seems impossible to find. Straight answers to confusing questions. All conveniently compiled for you in one book.

where writers can participate in discussion,
get help, and attend LIVE interactive presentations with the author.

  • PARTS I thru IV, in one convenient download.
  • full money-back guarantee if, within 7 days, you don’t believe the value contained within exceeds what you paid for it, no questions asked.

Or choose only the PART(S) that interest you right now.

  • what it takes to become a writer
  • what you need to get started
  • how to come up with ideas
  • how to create connections with your reader
  • where to find help, and more…

  • how to find the beginning of your story
  • tips on creating memorable characters, settings, dialogue, and plot
  • the basics of copyright
  • how and when to edit
  • creating a professional quality layout, and more…

  • blogging and why you need to
  • branding yourself
  • building a following
  • the ins and outs of social media
  • self-promotion, and more…

  • how to figure out what sells
  • how to protect yourself and your work
  • the importance of submission guidelines
  • how to approach a publisher
  • traditional vs self publishing, and more…



  • PARTS I thru IV, ordered via Amazon Print-On-Demand service, KDP Publishing. A full-colour paperback workbook to keep at hand as your questions come up.
  • expected Spring 2023

WRITE START 101 isn’t the only book you need to build a writing career. You’ll likely read many more on your journey.

But it is, without question, the FIRST book you need.

Save time, money, and a boatload of aggravation by knowing the basics from the beginning.

Imagine having an uncle who’s a publisher and knows the game. Imagine being able to call him up and ask him how to beat the writer’s block that’s got you stuck. Or how to find an agent. Or how to tell if this offer is a scam or not. How much smoother your path would be paved if you just had a little insight…

WRITE START 101 is the hand up you’re looking for.

Still not convinced?

How about a guarantee?

Download the full version of WRITE START 101. Take a look through it for a full seven days. If you don’t honestly think that you can’t make back the cost of the download, email Alex through the contact page here. Your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Alex can offer such a guarantee for two reasons.

One, Alex is absolutely confident that the information contained in WRITE START 101

  • will save you time and money,
  • can make you money, and
  • can boost your chances of meeting and exceeding your writing goals.

And two, as a writer and a publisher, Alex’s honour and integrity are her bread and butter. She respects copyright above all. And she values the relationships she builds with the writers she meets. She is not here to rip anyone off.

Still reading?

Good. Because here’s a terrific bonus you’ll receive, with any purchase you make here.

You will be invited to join WRITE START 101‘s exclusive Facebook Group where you will be able to connect with other writers, ask questions, get and give answers, support and be supported. A writer’s group for new writers where there are no stupid questions.

IN ADDITION to becoming part of an amazingly encouraging group, you will be invited to attend regular

LIVE calls with Alex Brown

where you can ask questions and get answers directly. Access to your very own ‘uncle in the business.’

All of this is included free with your purchase. But only for a limited time.

Alex can’t leave this offer open forever. Time is ticking…

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago.
The second best time is now.

Chinese proverb

There is no better time
to begin your writing career.

You got this. Let’s get started!!

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